Responses- 4 mandatory responses (September-March)

 (These due days do not apply to Canadian teachers)

1.Image story-September/October

Option 1a: Introductions/ Tool:Padlet wall/ Pictures of students involved in this project and a short text about every single student

Option 1B: Students work in groups to create a group portrait of each individual student. Tool: smartphones + Padlet.Each student takes his or her own photos of the subject, capturing a different aspect of them, and interviews them about a different aspect of their life: family, culture, interests, friends, or values.



-Students read/flip through other Padlet Walls and choose 5 people who share similar interests/ personality traits/ One international Padlet Wall summarizing all the findings

-Google Slide Presentation / one slide per country/Countries’ Tid-Bits

-Kahoot quiz/A videoconference

-ongoing Skype sessions – starting in September and ending in April

2.Audio story/Video story-November/December

Create a 5-minute introduction to the work of one person who inspires you. Select one photo of the person and key images from his or her career/life; organize them; add basic captions  (use of color, subject matter, or composition, for example) in notes; explain what is unique about this person and why he/she is an inspiration.  


-Peer assessment/ international teams

3.Digital story-January/February

Option 1a: Write a story, and then tell that same story digitally using any number of digital tools and freely available media.

Option 1B:Research a time period in history and create a digital story about that time period told from the perspective of someone who lived during that time.

Option 1C:You are an author and story creator! You have been asked to participate in an international exchange where students are asked to create a digital story to entertain, to educate or to convey ideas. Almost any topic is possible.


Students are going to complete this assignment in international teams!

The teams will be created in October.


4.Self-reflection/Group-reflection on project work