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Please feel free to suggest any story topics that could be relevant for this project.(11 responses)
-Issues that are relevant to young people today: bullying; relationships; school; travel; gender; friendship….
-Ethics and moral
-I am considering involving classes of 10th graders and to integrate the project in the curriculum. So for me it os important that the work done covers the topics as their projects will be graded and considered in their final evaluation. Topics: multilingualism (1st term); Technological World (2nd term); Youth and global challenges (3rd term) So any topic that goes under these themes.
-If we have in mind to apply for a quality label, the story should be one and all schools should collaborate,select a part of the story and prepare it so that the final product should be one story made in collaboration of all the students. Let’s keep this in mind. I would be interested to apply for a QL. Are the other colleagues are interested or not? This is important to know from the beginning.
History of the XX century through family photos.
-Discovering talents
-Water in the Universe Metals in the Universe The letter from Universe
-Joe Lambert and Nina Mullen, who run the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, suggest to use these types of stories ( ): – The story of someone who is important to you. It characterizes the center of the story of a person who has touched you in a profound way. Often, these stories reveal much about the subject and in the same time about the narrator of the story.   – The story of an event of your life. The travel accounts (personal stories of a trip or event) may be the effect if the narrator was somehow intimately transformed by these experiences. – The story of a place in your life. Our sense of place attachment can serve as a focal point for a large number of stories of pathos. – The history of what you do. It ‘s normal that people find the values to be transmitted in their work, their hobbies, their social commitments: people can tell wonderful stories from their experiences. -The story of your own personal success. Sharing the experience of having passed a personal challenge or obstacle in our lives is an archetype that always the potential to attract public attention. – Your own love story. We would all have the curiosity to know how someone is declared to the beloved, how he then made the proposal of marriage, how he lived the birth of the first child, or has accepted a new parent. – The story of your own discovery. These stories can be told as we discovered a truth or learned how to do something.
-Grandparents stories/Stories of special-normal people we know/Stories of people in the city-people in the village….
-Current events