Teacher Country A short bio
1.Barbara Anna Zielonka




Norway I am a secondary school English teacher, co-author of Skills;  actively engaging CLIL/CBL and eTwinning in the teaching. My special areas of interest are English for Specific Purposes,blended learning, ICT-based teaching, flipped classroom teaching model, web2.0 tools and professional development courses for teachers. I am also a travel addict and a pen paller. You can also contact me at @bar_zie

2.Lesley Fearn




Italy I am a secondary school English teacher in centre-south Italy. I too have been involved in the promotion of CLIL and at present I am experimenting with flipped classroom teaching; classroom debates; TEAL; eTwinning and Cambridge certification courses as well as completing a course in Educational Enquiry. My passions are fine art and all literature. I am a bookaholic.
3.Evangelia Mitsopoulou Greece I work at the Music High School of Thessaloniki, north part of Greece, where I teach music and piano. I have already participated in two etwinning programs and the first was awarded. My interests are Art in general, Literature,Theater, dancing, painting and acquiring new skills at computers. I also studied Italian literature and language. Watch some of our work at

I am also an active pianist

4. Sevasti


Greece Hello! I am Sevi and I am a teacher of Religion in the secondary school of Galatini, a village in north Greece.I live in Kozani and I come from Thessaloniki. I am very fond of e-twinning projects, I have been working with my students three years in this way. I like this way of learning as I totally believe that students can learn better when they play and they use their hobbies in learning. I like reading, travelling and contacting with other people. I try to inspire my students and learn them how to learn in a different way. This is my blog:

I am very happy to take part in this nice work. I am looking forward to knowing you better.

5.Mirescu Mihaela Romania Hello!My name is Mihaela Mirescu. I teach French and Romanian Literature in Economic College . I teach in a small town,Slatina, Romania. I won this year the second place at Etwinning Prizes with etwinning project “Jeunes et journalistes”. I’m interesting in Literature and Journalism. Please visit our project website on journalism :
6. Georgia Wilhelmsson Sweden I was born in Greece, live in Sweden and teach English, German and French at an upper secondary school. I am an eTwinning ambassador, also a coordinator of a KA2 project which is ending soon.I am also responsible for a French/Swedish school exchange. International relations, languages and trips are important to me. In my free time I study for an English Master degree, read books and go for long walks.
7. Aranzazu Iturrioz Spain  

I´m a Secondary School Philosophy teacher and I love innovating with new methodology and tools. I´m really fond of eTwinning because it´s a great opportunity to broaden my students´interests and develop their communicative, social and personal competences. I´m an eTwinning ambassador since September 2015.

I live in Santander, in Northern Spain.


Reading, cinema and Pilates are my hobbies.

Travelling, when possible….

8.Grazia Del Tito Italy I teach English in a Vocational school located in Tivoli (Rome).

In the last years, step by step, I’ve improved the quality and quantity of my eTwinning activity taking part  in  eTwinning projects,  Learning Events and on line meetings.

Since last June I’m an eTwinning Ambassador.

In my school I’m in charge for European projects and programs concerning foreign languages and stages.

In my free time I teach Italian (free, to help the migrants coming from other countries).

I love learning new things/skills, meeting people, sightseeing, arts, cooking, yoga, open air activities.

Last but not least I’m addicted to foreign languages and travelling 🙂

9. Lisa Somma Italy I am a secondary school teacher and a university researcher in the field of e-learning.


I’m interested in innovating teaching and experimenting new forms of teaching/learning in everyday practice, particularly the digital storytelling, as outlined in this padlet


This is my first eTwinning project and I’m excited to work in an intercultural context as rich and varied.


I have conducted, as coordinator for Italy, an “Erasmus + project of strategic partnerships” regarding these issues. In the end we had an international conference in Lisbon and next November we will publish an e-book about it.

I invite you to visit our website to learn more about myself, my school and our educational approach.


I live in Naples, in Southern Italy, and I love art, cinema, sea, good food and who knows how to surprise me.

10.Maria Branco Portugal Hello I teach English and German in a public school in the north of Portugal (Guimarães). I have joined Etwinning for five years now and ever since I have made a lot of friends. I have worked in many projects and I feel that it has helped my students to enlarge their horizons and develop their speaking abilities. I like yoga, swimming, reading and travelling.
11. Rita Godoroja Republic of Moldova Greetings from Chișinău, Moldova!

My name is Rita Godoroja. I am a chemistry teacher and  an eTwinning Ambassador. I work in the Lyceum of Modern Languages and Management, Chișinău. I’ve been teaching for 30 years.

My special areas of interest are: Creativity in the classroom, Social and Financial Education, ICT-based teaching.

I appreciate the quality of all projects founded and conducted by Barbara and am very glad to work with all of you in this wonderful project.

12. Stefania Pesce Italy I am a secondary school English teacher in the north of Italy near Venice. I’m new of e-twinning, I started my first project only last year but I really love the twinspace it is a great opportunity to broaden students’ interests developing communicative skills and using new technology. My school deal with agriculture and I’m really into nature and environment.

I like walking in the countryside and travelling.

13.Maria Silva Portugal I teach English in a secondary school in Sátão (Escola Secundária Frei Rosa Viterbo), a small town in the north of Portugal. I believe that it is by meeting different people and learning from each other that we widen our visions of the world. So, travelling and meeting people is one of my interests as it allows me to learn about other cultures and see the world through other perspectives. Any project which is due to involve pupils directly in the project and to promote interaction with their peers from partner schools are a must.

I am also interested in having pupils organised in international teams and collaborating in the production of the project’s final product.

I am an active eTwinner since 2008, I deliver eTwinning training courses for teachers and support many teachers in their paths into the eTwinning  world. We won several prizes including European Prize in 2014. 😉 with project Photography as a Pedagogical Tool. It is a pleasure to be part of this team!




Turkey I’ve been teaching for 20 years. Now I’m working at Kadıköy Anatolian High School. I’m interested in literature, music, art and theatre. Our school is one of the most prestigious high schools in Turkey and our students are really hardworking and curious about taking participate in international projects. As teachers of E-Twinning club, we wrote 4 Erasmus plus projects this year.
15. Katarzyna Siwczak Poland Hello! I am an upper secondary school teacher of English. My school is located in Rybnik, the south of Poland. I’ve always wanted to work as a teacher  and my dream has come true:) I try to use new ideas to motivate my students all the time and this is the reason why I’m here:) Frankly speaking, having been quite active in the eTwinning projects in the past, I had a break for some time which turned out to be “a giant leap” in the eTwinning. So I do realise I have to learn a lot now to catch up with the others and I do so by participating in eTwinning LE and various courses. I’ve run some Comenius projects and organised IE exchanges.

I’m really happy to be part of the project and can’t wait to work with you:)

16.Julie Balen Canada Hello all! I am so happy to be included in this etwinning project. Thank you!!


I am a high school English teacher for a  the Wikwemikong Board of Education on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. I have taught here for 16 years.

I have primarily participated in online collaborations with educators and students from across Ontario, and with those experiences, we are ready to push beyond those borders.


I have two border collies who help keep me active and I am an avid gardener. While I am out for walks or in my garden, I am constantly plugged into my device listening to an audiobook or my latest favourite podcast! You can find me on Twitter @jacbalen where I connect and learn with others–like you!

17. Maria Teresa Rughi Italy Dear friends, just a few words about me, because currently I am in a teacher- training course and I am having problems with connection. I am an English teacher in upper secondary in Italy. I am etwinning ambassador and pedagogical referent. I collaborated with Barbara 5 years ago in the project” Advocating media literacy” and then in “ Writing Graphic novels”. I like travelling and meeting people. I have a fb profile. Look forward to start this new adventure!
18. Leigh McCarthy Canada Hello! I am a secondary school English and French teacher, in Toronto, Canada. Differentiation and the use of technology in the classroom are very important to me. Even more important, is my desire to instill a sense of global citizenship and a love for multiculturalism amongst my students – through authentic, action-oriented tasks; HENCE, my great interest and excitement in this eTwinning project!


I love to be outside, walking, biking, gardening, reading, painting, and traveling. And I love coffee (limit 2 a day)!


Looking forward to this new experience for me and my students!



Canada Hi. I am a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. I will be collaborating with Leigh’s class for this project.


I am passionate about connecting students to other students in the world. I also truly believe we need to expand our definition of literacy and so a digital storytelling project is perfect for that.


I love to read, write, tinker with tech, and spend time with my family. In the Winter my family Curls and skis and in the summer we love to travel, swim, golf, and check out different Food Truck events. We are also addicted to Escape Rooms!


Very much looking forward to learning with all of you!

20. Eleni Kostopoulou


Greece I teach English in 5th General Lyceum of Veroia, Greece. I love carrying out etwinning projects and sharing ideas with European teachers. I am experienced in etwinning, I have implemented a lot of successful projects with teachers from many countries. I am the head of Erasmus projects at school. I look forward to meeting you all, “old friends and new ones.
21.Jemima Madagaskar
22. Idoia Zapirain Spain Hi!

I’m a secondary teacher in Agurain, the Basque Country. I like swimming, travelling, learning languages, reading and having a good time. Our students are 12-18, but I’ll be teaching English to 15-17 year-old students this year and Citizenship (15-16) . I’m responsible for the European projects at schools (ELOS). Our lessons are taught mainly in Basque although most of our students’ mother tongue is Spanish. All of our students speak Basque and Spanish and by the end of upper-secondary they are fluent in English.

I help the ICT team at school with new tools and approaches that I learn through collaborative MOOCs (European Schoolnet Academy/ School Education Gateway) and eTwinning Learning Events, which I like a lot. I’m also active on eTwinning and Edmodo and that makes my lessons meaningful and real when we collaborate and share projects with other schools. The school is going paperless this year, so we will be piloting it with the students. We carried out four Comenius projects in the past and we are experienced on exchanges both physically and online.

Looking forward to collaboration!

23. Arjana Blazic Croatia Hello everyone!  I’m a high school English and German teacher from Zagreb. I love teaching with technology and connecting my students with their peers from all over the world. I’m an eTwinning ambassador and  coordinator of the Croatian Future Classroom, a lively space with 30 tablets that my students use to connect, collaborate and learn.  I’m also involved (and am very passionate about it) in teacher training so I design online and onsite courses for teacher professional development. I’m a 2014-2015 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at Penn State University, US.  You can also find me on Twitter: @abfromz


Spain Hello, I am a highschool teacher of English and coach in Bilbao. This year I am going to be teaching also Business English in a vocational programme on international commerce. I have a large extent of experience in etwinning projects and would like to keep running with that. I would like to develop some full Comenius project especially with the elder ones, for the vocational higher degree on international commerce.
25.Deena Lynn Furgerson Italy Hi there! I’m a high-school teacher and I work in Italy. I’m originally from a small town in Texas in the USA. I’m really happy to be here with all of you. I’m in a new school this year but I’m really looking forward to the fantastic change and new challenges.

I teach English as a foreign language and also English literature. I have taught English for over 20 years and I have been a teacher trainer, conversation teacher at several faculties in an Italian university, and I have taught English online.

I’m sure it’s going to be a pleasure working with such a heterogeneous group of people!

26.Kristine Munger USA Hi everyone! I am so excited to be a part of this international collaborative group. I only heard about this a few days ago and can’t wait to explore new horizons in education, bear with me through my learning curve! I live in Tomball, Texas in the United States and teach English and Creative Writing. My classes are part of the International Baccalaureate World School program.


I am married and have three boys: Jacob (16), Joey (7), and Justin (3). They monopolize much of my time but in the free time I have I coach two academic clubs, enjoy family activities, and read. I am looking forward to a fantastic educational experience.

27.Mary Elizabeth Finbow Spain Hi!

I’m a Secondary school English teacher currently working in Spain. I’m from Suffolk in the UK, but have been living in Spain for some time. I enjoy teaching teenagers and combining classes with technology to motivate my students. I’m a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and have also been involved in teacher training. I enjoy blogging too and work with a group of secondary school teachers to create material for EFL as well as participating in school blogs. I will be working with our ICT teacher on this project and am really looking forward to getting to know you all and getting our students to communicate in English.

28.Anabel Gonzalez USA Greetings! I’m a secondary ESL teacher in Mooresville, North Carolina. and am very excited to be joining this project.  I was born in Cuba, but have lived in the United States since I was 17 months old. I began my teaching career as a Business Education teacher in 1996 and transitioned into the ESL field in 2012. I have a master’s degree in instructional technology and completed postgraduate work in curriculum and instruction.  In addition to classroom teaching, I also have experience in instructional technology training and coaching. I love to teach because I love to learn and because I love young people. They teach me as much as I teach them, keeping me young and grounded. I especially love using technology to enhance learning and to connect with others beyond our local area. I believe we have the responsibility to help ready our learners for an ever-changing, technology-rich global marketplace.  As I teach English and I teach so much more.


I am married to the greatest guy in the world and am football and soccer mom to two awesome kids, ages 10 and 13.

29.Shagufta Asad Pakistan Hello everyone. My name is Shagufta Asad and i am ICT Teacher from Pakistan. I am running four schools in Rawalpindi Islamabad and nearby areas and apart from teaching i am also working as Managing Director for Springboard School System Pakistan. Teaching is my passion and I am putting my all efforts to teach right use of technology to the students.


Having ten years of education sector. I have done MSc women and gender studies and MBA HR.


I am single mother of three lovely kids. I am very excited to be part of this marvelous group and looking forward to work and learn about etwinning.


Good luck to all of you. My phone number is 0092 345 8506356. Available on whatsapp and viber. Feel free to ask if you have any question.

30.Sonali Saxena India
31.Alena Jandlova Czech Republic Hi,

I´m a teacher of English and History at a commercial high school in a small town of Tábor in the south of the Czech Republic. I´ve been involved in many international European projects within Erasmus+, eTwinning or former Leonardo or Comenius. We enhance international cooperation together with our project partners from different countries of Europe (from Iceland to Bulgaria, it´s quite a way :-).

I enjoy both f2f meetings and online collaboration with my classes.

I work as an eTwinning ambassador in my country.

At present I´m into online learning,looking for ways how to introduce into my teaching meaningfully, how to raise students´ motivation, participation and independence.

I really like the idea of tiny digital stories and hope my students will so 🙂

I´m available on Twitter as well: @alenajandlova

32.Kati Lorincz Hungary, Budapest Hi everyone,


I am an English teacher from Budapest, Hungary. I teach in a High School in the capital city and I adore my work. I like going to different international workshops and meet new fellow teachers and learn new things from each other. I think teaching a language is using it in live situations so I am a big fan of eTwinning projects. I love reading and watching films with my 3 daughters and like hiking with our dogs. I also lead crafts european projects . I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. ..and now for the students I d like to help to find their way! We provide a lively, friendly and caring community for girls and boys throughout their school career from age 6 to 19. The school endeavours to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth of the individual through the combined efforts of parents and educators by establishing the best possible environment for learning: a climate of safety, trust, and respect for the individual and an appreciation for the acquisition of learning.

33.Landy Gamez Mexico
34. Elif Buyukuysal Turkey Hi, everyone


I am Elif from İzmir,Turkey. I have been teaching for 19 years. I have been making etwinning projects since 2010. I love using web tools in my projects. During the projects you have fun with your pupils and get to know each other well. This is my first year in my new school.


I love going to the theatre and dance classes in my spare time. I also like reading books and watching biopics. I have done my MBA on educational programmes. I have also published an article related with critical thinking.


My school is situated just near the sea. While giving the lecture you can see the sea in some classes 🙂 As you know İzmir is a historical, mythological and industrial city which you shouldn’t miss. :)Hope to see you here 🙂

35. Erin Monét Cooper USA

(Washington DC)

Hello, all! I have been teaching reading, writing and critical thinking at Capital City Public Charter School, a Title I project-based learning school steeped in principles of social justice. I teach sophomores, ranging in age from 14-20 and on average, there are 15-21 students in my class. Outside of the classroom, work that informs my practice as a teacher is my commitment to equity, liberation and joy. I have been a member of the school’s Equity and Race Core Committee and am now an equity workshop facilitator. My B.A. is in journalism from the University of Georgia and my M.A. is in African-American Studies from Boston University. When not teaching, you can catch me in a museum, seeing a play, reading, or writing essays and poetry. Baking, then eating German chocolate cake is one of my favorite activities, plus working out and naps. I’d like to build authentic relationships with teachers across borders that will result in classroom partnerships, innovation and greater equity in the classroom. Using global education as a foundation for these connections will hopefully allow me to grow my ability in challenging students to push the boundaries of their realities, address problems they see both in and outside of their communities and prepare themselves for the world they have inherited. 📌


Last Book Read:: Teaching to Transgress by bell hooks

36.Faith Ibarra Ashburn, Virginia, USA Hi everyone, I am so happy to be here. I love reading about everyone and seeing where you all are from. I love the diversity of teachers and backgrounds. I am an English (literature and writing) teacher (usually 6-12, but right now, only grade 8). I also teach history, English Language Learners, reading, and special education. I love getting reluctant readers to the point that they “just can’t” stop reading.


I am a life-long learner and work hard to instill that passion of exploration, discovery, and investigation in my students. Some of my personal hobbies/passions include: parrots (I have seven exotic birds in my flock), guitar, travel, food (ANY and ALL), and learning about new places.