Jennifer Casa-Todd has mentioned our project in her latest book entitled “Social LEADia:Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership“. It is an inspiring and powerful book every educator should read:)


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This is a press article about eTwinning in the Basque region (ES) and the VI Ambassadors Meeting held in Madrid. It mentions that Idoia Zapirain, the eTwinning ambassador, has been awarded the Quality Label for the educational efficiency shown in the project “The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories”. It highlights how the project is based on excellent communication and collaboration activities to meet its goals.

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Suksessrik internasjonalisering ved Nannestad videregående skole


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August’s Digital Citizenship Champion




Hvordan globale prosjekter har endret livet mitt som lærer! Av Barbara Anna Zielonka

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Obchodní akademie a Vyšší


To what extent does eTwinning promote intercultural competence? The case of: “The Universe is made of Tiny Stories”- written by Georgia Wilhelmsson (Masteroppgave)







Sean Robinson


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