• You must write a narrative based on a personal reflection or topical analysis.
  • It can be an individual or group (maximum of 2 people) project.
  • You must record your approved narrative as an audio file using a headset our your laptop microphone. Your audio file must be no longer than 8 minutes.
  • You must identify images, illustrations, typography or other visual media that amplifies your written narrative. You are expected to use between 10-15 images.
  • You must cite images that you did not create yourself.You must identify: Author, Title, URL and Date Retrieved.  It is best practice to find images with Creative Commons
  • You must synchronise your images to your audio using iMovie/Windows Live Movie Maker or any other software and save  it as a video file (.mov or .wmv).
  • Your video file must beuploaded to as an “Unlisted” video.
  • You must include your Google Docs script and Google Spreadsheets works cited links in your video’s description field.
  • Your video URL must be posted on the eTwinning website/ project-s website by the project due date.