Online timeline-https://goo.gl/ILUHti


This digital storytelling project shall be completed over the course of  5 to 8 months.  Depending on your experience with the aforementioned software tools, this project may take in excess of 15 hours.  Be sure you manage your time wisely and allow opportunities for revision if necessary.  You should also connect with other students for technology support.


Week 34-37
a.General Introductions/ Who are you?/ Padlet Introductions

b. Introduction to Digital Storytelling, assignment description and expectations

c.International Tidbits

d.Topic selection/Group selection

Week 38-44
You have two weeks to compose a compelling, well-written narrative. By the end of the second week you should have a final written narrative and your Google/Gmail account should have been created.
Week 44-48
By the end of October, your images should have been selected. Depending on the image selection, it may require you to revise your narrative.
Week 49-4
By the end of January, you should record your narrative as a .wav or .mp3 digital audio file.
Week 5-10
By the end of December, you should have compiled your images and audio as a video file (Assignment- Inspiring People). This video should be in final form and uploaded to Youtube.com/eTwinning platform/ Vimeo project’s website. You are expected to choose two stories created by other students, evaluate them and provide feedback.
Week 37- 12
Skype /Google Hangouts Sessions+ Travel Diary